Agile Conference NCR 2008
Submitted Paper Topics Who Reviewers
1. ProRail PUB - A Case Study on Distributed Agile Project from Developer's perspective Saket Vishal Bapiraju Nadury
2. Agile Testing - Test Driven Development Prahlad Bhakt Pankaj Chawla
3. Agile Risk Management Aniket Mhala Hemant Saraf
4. Metrics for an Agile Project Deepak Mittal Hemant Saraf
5. Agile Approaches for Managing Quality Challenges in Distributed Product Development Mayank Sharma Hemant Saraf
6. The Long and Winding Road – Transitioning Sabre to an agile development organization Sarah Klarich ?
7. Implementing Agile in Distributed Team Sreekanth Tadipatri Bapiraju Nadury
8. Evolution of Inter-Team Collaboration Models - Scaling Agile Naresh Jain Priyanshu Goyal
9. Agile and CMMi – is it a comparison of Apples and Oranges? Jagadish Shri Abhishek Agarwal
10. Agile Overview Naresh Jain ?
11. Leveraging Agile in Waterfall projects Mayur Gupta Pankaj Chawla
12. Agile Collaboration Schemas Vikram Dheeman Priyanshu Goyal
1. Each reviewer picks one or two presentations for review ask for the presentation slides from the presentations.
2. Keep in mind that each presentation slot will be 50 minutes. (40 minutes for Presentation , 10 minute Q&A)
3. There is no prescribed template for the presentations.
4. Reviewer should review the presentations for:
* Contents and accuracy of the story
* Evidence
* Number of slides
5. Reviewer should also understand the background of the speaker.
6. Reviewer should avoid choosing presentations from the same company where he is working. However, it is not strictly forbidden.
* We would like to have cross industry collaboration. This way reviewers and speakers have better opportunity to create a good story.
7. Some presentations will readier than others for example no 10 from Naresh. In these cases we will be quickly done.

Presentation MUST BE ready by 15th FEB 2008.
Both speaker and reviewer should take ownership so that we stay on schedule.
Kindly keep in mind that 1st Presentation Drafts should have been sent by 30th JAN 2008 to the reviewer.

Event Management Office emo AT xebia DOT com
In case of any difficulties in contacting each other please send a mail to the Event Management Office
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