Get Involved


You can participate in the NAUG activities by becoming the member of Yahoo Group. This way you will get notifications about various ongoing events and you will also follow various discussions taking place on Agile topics in India.


You can contribute to the NAUG in various ways. We are always looking for volunteers to help us run this community. Some examples of participation include:

  • Conducting Presentations for the Community
  • Becoming Office Bearer and Volunteer in NAUG Events
  • Spreading the word among your friends and colleagues
  • Maintain NAUG Website and Pages


NAUG is a non-profit organization. We are looking for support from individuals, corporates and academic institutions in the following form:

  • Making Space like conference room available for community events and meeting
  • Making Human Resources Available for doing NAUG work
  • Donating presentations and best practices for the benefit of NAUG members
  • Organizing food and drinks for NAUG Events

Membership of NAUG is free of cost. If an institution or corporate body helps NAUG, we will display your logo free of cost on NAUG wiki, if you wish to do so.

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